Inclement weather procedures

Please review the following procedures for inclement weather to find out if our services are being provided on a particular date based on weather-related issues.

NHN Food Kitchens and the Food Warehouse have seen a mild winter to date with no closings due to inclement weather. However, with winter weather remaining a possibility, please be aware of our inclement weather policy:

CLOSURE DUE TO:  Snow Covered Roads Icy Road Conditions Electricity Out Flooding Affects Transportation Governor declares a weather emergency, for people to stay off roads.

NOTIFICATION FOR FOOD KITCHENS: For the most part, we will follow the Amherst County School decisions on closing. We realize there are occasions, schools close due to back road conditions, when our main roads are open. Therefore, the decision to open or close message will be left on the NHN voice message by 7:00 AM. Just call 434-226-0019, let it ring until you listen to the message. Closings will also post on WSET. If schools are not opened due to holidays, teacher workdays, when the adverse weather occurs, a decision to close NHN will be made preferably the night before but no later than 7:00 am the following day. Once again just check the NHN voicemail connected with the number lister above. If weather occurs after each kitchen opens, then the decision to open or work with limited volunteers rest, with the Kitchen & Service Leaders.

NOTIFICATION FOR FOOD WAREHOUSE: A decision to open or close will be made prior to Saturday Distribution Day preferably Friday before 6:00 PM. All scheduled volunteers should check their email frequently throughout the day on Friday. Volunteers without email will be called. WSET First Notice will be notified of closing.

NHN phone message (434-226-0019) will be updated to inform callers of opening / closing decision. If weather occurs after Food Warehouse opens, then the decision to open or work with limited volunteers rests with the Warehouse Managers on duty